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Gold Loan

Having an urgent need of cash, make the most of your idle gold with ABFNL attractive gold loans. Get a loan in 45 minutes over the counter with minimal documentation and transparent charges.

ARMSS BENEFIT FUND NIDHI LIMITED Gold Loan provides loan against gold with same day loan disbursement. You can apply for Gold Loan and get quick approvals by visiting your nearest Branch. Find out more about the features & benefits of the Gold Loan.

We are using an advanced Karat Machine – Gold Analyser machine for assessing the jewel proposals for loan which would give us the correct valuation for the purpose of valuation of gold.



Shri Narayani Vamana Jewel Loan
PurposeGranting of Loans to individuals against pledge of gold jewellery/ornaments for productive and consumption/domestic purposes.
EligibilityApplicant should be registered as a Member in SNNL. He should be the owner of the gold jewellery/ornaments proposed to be pledged.
Loans can be granted only against 19 carat to 22 carat ornaments.
Documents needed to avail our jewel loanPAN card, Aadhar card and a passport size photo.
Repayment Period12 months (365 days).
Rate of interest (ROI)
Type I12%
Type II14%
Rate Per Gram
Type I – 19 carat, 20 carat & 21 caratRs 3100/-
Type I – 22 carat onlyRs 3300/-
Type II – 19 carat, 20 carat & 21 caratRs 3300/-
Type II – 22 carat onlyRs 3500/-
Deduction1 gram for every 10 grams for all ornaments
Minimum weightEach ornaments should be 4 grams after deduction
Minimum loan amountRs 10,000/-
Maximum loan amount (per member)Rs 15 lakhs (aggregate)
Interest paymentMonthly
Items not acceptedGold coins, Thread with Mangalyam, Nose pins, stoned ornaments, baby rings & studs.
Jewel Appraiser Charges
i. Loan amount upto & including Rs 50,000/-Rs 200/- + 18 % [GST]
ii. Loan amount upto 50,001/- to 1 lakhRs 300/- + 18% [GST]
iii. Loan amount more than 1 lakhRs 400/- + 18% [GST]
Interest rate structure

i. On servicing the full interest monthly, ROI is same (as per the scheme chosen) for the entire 1year.

ii. If interest is not serviced every month and/or break of servicing interest / partial servicing of interest for a period of 6 months from the date of loan , the unpaid interest will be compounded to the principal on the 181st day and extra 2% will be charged over existing ROI till the end of total tenure of 1 year.

iii. The loan account on completion of 1 year will become overdue and it should either be closed or renewed under the then prevailing jewel loan schemes.

iv. If the loan is not closed/renewed , the interest accrued & unpaid at the end of 1 year since first compounding on 181st day, will again be compounded with the then outstanding ,on 366th day and further interest at extra 2% will be charged on the compounded value till the account is fully closed.

v. Moreover, auction process on completion of the tenure will be initiated to recover the dues, as per norms in force.

Mode of payment

i. Cash payment is restricted to Rs.20000/- and loan proceeds in excess of Rs.20000/- will be released through Bank transfer by way of NEFT/RTGS/Bank transfer.

ii. As a loan in excess of Rs.20000/- is released by Bank transfer, subsequent closure of such accounts shall happen only through bank credit and not by cash remittance.

Loan Against Deposits

Members are not allowed to close their term deposits within three months after opening them, as per Nidhi regulations.

Nidhi companies are permitted by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs NOT to give any interest rates for term deposits for Six Months.

In this scenario, we encourage our members to take Loan Against Deposit. Members are allowed to borrow a maximum of 80% of the deposited value with an additional 2% of interest charges on deposit.

Members cannot pledge other banks’ or financial institutions’ deposit bonds. So, members can pledge only ABFNL deposit bonds.

Mortgage Loan

Loan Against Immovable Property (LAP) is a secured loan. Nidhi companies are allowed to lend loans based on movable or immovable security. Under Immovable security, we lend Mortgage loan, Secured Loan and Rapid 200 loan to our members.

Rate of Interest



  • Complete transparency in operations
  • Property Loans are granted only upto 50% of the distressed Sales value of the property as assessed by the approved value in the Credit Committee.
  • Personal loan to individual owners of residential home/flat and selected commercial properties
  • Access this loan from our wide network of branches
  • Lowest processing charges.
  • No prepayment penalties. You can have surplus funds at any time thereby conveniently reducing your loan liability and interest burden.
  • A personal purpose loan against mortgage of your residential and/or select commercial property.
  • Any personal purpose other than speculative purpose.
  • 3 C’s are to be studied while computing selection of borrower; 3 C’s are Character, Capacity and Capital. The borrower and his family has credibility in the society and they are prompt in fulfilling their commitments; he should have the caliber to run the business profitable; he should have capital to run the business and whether he is sufficiently experienced.
  • Minimum Loan Amount :  Rs.2 Lakhs
  • Maximum Loan Amount: Rs.15 Lakhs, subject to value of property


1. Loan application form
2. KYC
3. IT Returns for 3 years
4. Sale Deed or Title of the Property
5. Parent Documents
6. Legal Opinion
7. Encumbrance Certificate
8. Property Tax Receipt for 3 years
9. EB Bill (recent)
10. Patta / Chitta / Adangal
11. Salary Certificate for employees
12. FMB Sketch
13. Statement of Assets and Liabilities
14. Valuation Report

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